Club activities

Programs in 1394

Organize retraining workshops for yoga instructors and enthusiasts, with the authorization of the Federation of Health Promotion and Community Yoga

Coaching courses with the permission of the Federation and the Association of Yoga

One-day meditation and exercises are being

Shooting halo

Specialized classes for advanced pranayama

Yoga Championships

Festival to benefit the children’s charity

Referrals yoga conferences and organizations of all sizes

Coaches meetings Alborz Province

The remembrance of God

On the occasion of World Health Day Committee and Fellow of the Academy of Yoga-Yoga Alborz Province Golandam to clean up the mountain. In this activity all yoga enthusiasts and the general public can also now be active.

Kashan day tour Ghamsar

May meeting of club owners who are actively studying yoga Kosar is located in the nursery phase 4 October City.

Join Free Yoga for children

Pawan May carpeting Iraqi women

Tour cleansing the body with yoga and medical Ghzadr

Visit the Fitness Coach Goal elderly nursing home on 7 October

Power yoga training

Effective communication training courses

Iftar in Ramadan

Shooting halo September

Snow day tour to play on the track Creek

Feedback charity festival healthy diet and training 5

Celebrate the end of flowering tree limbs and day.

Calendar 1391

Persian date Farvardin 17: Practice had power, meditation old

Persian date Farvardin 25 Hmh, workshops power of the Word

2 May, silent walk in the park May 14. family

The first workshop pranayama May 0.2 of 5 points retrained

Workshop STR-ray Persian date Khordad 11

Shhryvrklas the first week of Ayurveda.

10. retrained 8 and 9 of July with the rhythmic yoga workshop.

June -28 with 5 points retrained second workshop pranayama

Persian date Tir 15 days Vegetarianism

Yoga in the Park festival for women Persian date Tir 20

21 July Gorge tour Vashi yoga

The third pranayama workshop with 5 points retrained on July 29

Partner Yoga Workshop with 10 points retrained 5 and 6

19 August meditation old

The feeding trial Monday, Persian date Shahrivar 13 5/9 hours

Yoga in Alborz Persian date Shahrivar 26, 25 and the first match.

Persian date Mehr 10 days old

Every Monday of Ramadan iftar Golandam

Day beverages and evening meals August 19

5 and 6 and February joyful yoga workshop

6 October Swedish massage workshop with a degree in Youth and Sports Department

13 and 14 Mehr partner yoga.

October 4 days of meditation and prayer

..25 Seal a comprehensive workshop on yoga and photography halo

Holding the re-shooting of the aura of December and 26 February

Pawan advanced carpet workshops with Iraqi women 13 Bahman

Yoga asanas coordinate workshops with educators Alborz Province Drbhmn months

Nmryn attend the second day from 9 am to 30/14 09/02/1391

Coach of the Year award decision

Reiki training 14 and 21 January

28 and 29 Vbhmn pregnancy yoga workshop

Coaches Seminar Yvgavhmaysh in the province Persian date Esfand 21

.lazm Be noted that the above dates may be changed and, if need be repeated