What is Yoga


Yoga is the art of living

God in the kind of person, a feature that has always been left to charge him with thinking and an exploration of their nature and the environment movement. Wise and thoughtful of our ancestors, to achieve the great mystery of creation and searching trace of the demiurge are, in many ways, they discovered that in this context was everything to them was nothing but a revelation and inspiration by God for guidance eager servants and truth-seeking and reveal to them was obvious. Perhaps Forums India Today Top discovering facts, the point chosen from our Aryan ancestors separated and took yoga.

Yoga Philosophy

The philosophy of yoga is one of six Indian philosophy that Ramakrishna says about it: by yoga a Hindu, a better Hindu, a Christian a better Christian, a Jew, a Jew and a Muslim a better Muslim will be Mtqdtry.

Yoga History

There are several theories about the history of yoga is that physicist and philosopher Hindi, Patanjaly who lived two centuries BC, for the first time with the book Yoga Sutra, yoga is a fairly complete introduced to the world as one of the most prestigious records and so far as it has been written and many interpretations, but that in no way admits the Wise founder of the school of yoga, but yoga teachings and philosophies about the collection and the best of them in a written form according to Krishna and other innovative ideas introduced yoga system. Yoga originated in India and was in any way by the sharp and clever grow and every day has been added to the range of exercises and activities.

What is yoga?

Yoga is one of the Rvhhsty, putting aside Jz’dr Kl.pyvnd and reconciliation with nature.

Yoga is the way a seeker reconcile with themselves and come into their own and in a review of its latent forces freed from the fetters vain and polished his own work, and tested and leave to the existence of to be able to see the truth.

Each according to his understanding of yoga finds its way to happiness and prosperity.

Yoga instruction is varied, but the results are all one and a “self-awareness and self-knowledge and understanding of the self.

With the directives of yoga is simply your emotions become dominant and to achieve lasting happiness

Yoga effects so that each cell of the body affected by it Grdd.asraty deep inside the body and purify the spirit of vitality, full of endless energy viewfinder., Eyes alert and calm penetrating deep into the vastness of the sea and Power gives extraordinary focus.

Yoga is a way that the knowledge and scholars on the origin of the universe to attain salvation and join it enjoyed tremendous success achieved in this regard. Yoga is a free way to gain knowledge and understanding dark hidden angles and ways to gain self-knowledge and God-consciousness far. To step on this path affords no need to follow the creed or profession, or belong to a group, class, or a particular religion. Yoga is an invitation to virtue and truth, of all those who are trying to drop their captives and self-esteem and better understand their Creator and not in the way of any attempt turn and austerity. Yoga practitioner to any creed or religion, can use this method to cleanse the mind and spirit and to strengthen the foundations of their faith and to himself and to refine it to follow the forgetfulness of the remove the dust of shining GOHAR and to achieve a progressive and dynamic salvation. Yoga is a way to discover the secrets within and beyond the psychological truth of human existence, in other words, tends to yoga, the desire to know more and discover the grandeur of the Creator through the creation of unique and infinite God, he and the ability to return to in itself. In yoga the harmony between body and spirit, thought and action, there miner digging out and upside down field and subtle mind and the intellect with ideas and profound mystical and divine fertile and the heart passer to the facts of the Most High opened be. With yoga practitioner to understand the nature of their existence and discovered the universe and ultimately their overall move with the flow and the ultimate goal of creation and the Creator, consistent and coordinated. Yoga implies taming of breath also is applied. But most comprehensive means ((Alliance)) is. Yogi ultimate goal of reaching the headwaters of existence and finally join the worship and love is eternal and true Yogi someone who is steadfast and unswerving in this way the high-stakes (MDGs).

And the last letter that: Yoga helps us to be able to understand that what we are? Where did we come from? What are we doing here? And Where are we going? What is true happiness and ultimate? Who is God? How can he understand your relationships? And how to achieve happiness?

Yoga in various ways:

Yoga methods and different channels that target all of them opening paragraph of the salvation of souls tying material and provided false pleasures of real happiness and advise on real God Shtanga yoga, which is the most common Yoga They are light octamerous also known as the the eight stage, which are as follows:

Yama- Nyama-asana-pranayama-Pratyahara-Dharana- Dhyanav samadhi.

In Yama and Nyama, the monks away any bad qualities and their good qualities and God as He is arranging (purgation and self-purification).

Yoga asanas eliminate pain and prevent further pain and beauty and health and creates a clear limb.

The slow movements, not only in awakening the consciousness and thus has a considerable role to control your body, but your mind is kept safe from the evil fears and concerns, to achieve self confidence, help today.

Pranayama, breath control is a series of exercises for the maintenance of health, peace of mind, stability and stillness think it is not as regular as breathing, thinking stability is not

. In Pratyahara with control of the senses, we learn to be an observer of your thoughts without sitting somewhere with them as if we have to fly a bird in the sky look, without making Drayym flights.

In the sixth or Dharana, a person is focused on one thing and just see it.

In the seventh step, Dhyana, which is not possible without Yama and Nyama, learns someone with a different opinion, just be a ride thought and focused on the Golan Heights and in the final stage of a case in which a person in its goal of attracting and their thinking is one of the highest levels of performance and the ultimate relaxation of mind and the power of human cognition, it means being with what is without judgment.

Therapeutic aspects of yoga: Yoga is the prevention and treatment of various diseases.

Neurological disorders, endocrine disorders, blood pressure, shortness of breath, chronic headaches, chronic Zanvdrdhay, joint arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, sinusitis, asthma, prevent premature aging and eliminate facial wrinkles, leaving various addictions, high obesity and emaciation , insomnia, hair loss, herniated disc, anxiety, constipation, insomnia, mental confusion, fatigue and chronic daily, creating a freshness and vitality and cleaning the skin, and the decision will power, courage, mental balance and hundreds of Miscellaneous evolution of that experience only if it can be realized to verify it.

Who is Yogi?

Yogi or devotee who has an absorption stage without interruption and spiritual self is born of God. He connected all the way in a very, very difficult long. Yogi always and at all times speaks of God and all things considered equal and respected him because in his view verses and parts of God and all beings are not separated. He who walks in yoga because exercises and spiritual education under the teachings of the spiritual exercise that gives tons, up in your noble human qualities and no doubt only goes towards perfection. Yogi jealousy and hatred and anger vanished in the face of adversity, China and the offense does not appear on the forehead. Yogi loves all creatures, everyone will forgive and by accepting that its hard to make your self is dominant. Yogi to see the same look in his eyes its all alien Mhtrmnd. Yogi all the creatures of God in all beings and nature, and the creation of something but he does not see his head and on his way for his move, although he steps on the way to the permission of the Creator’s grace well-being. Even if we take a step toward Yogi is able to relief, peace of heart Server advance the aspirations of the human innate and true, then the need to spread the knowledge will be revealed in this society. We ask you before any judgment yoga experience yoga can believe and say whatever discussion and reconciliation of the self is. Techniques and practical training yoga and deep relaxation and server enables a new approach to the human heart-related grant because of yoga, health, mental and physical harmony and a spirit of peace and friendship developed between people strengthen.

Yoga asanas should pay attention to the following points:

1-in the place quiet and comfortable clothes for yoga teachers who are aware of abdominal Tqrybakhaly with moves calmly and without haste do